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Steve Urszenyi

Writer. Author. Thinker. Storyteller.

Welcome to Steve Urszenyi’s website, the place to discover Steve and his writing.


Steve served for over thirty years as an Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) in Toronto and as a tactical medic (SWAT, CBRNE, and public order unit) with the Ontario Provincial Police. He is an expert in chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE/WMD) incident response. Most recently, Steve was the commander of the Ontario Emergency Medical Assistance Team (EMAT), the province’s disaster medical and all-hazards incident management team. Throughout his career, Steve worked alongside various security and intelligence agencies in both the United States and Canada.

Steve has been awarded the Governor General of Canada EMS Exemplary Service Medal and Bar and has twice been recognized by the Province of Ontario with awards for outstanding public service achievement.


Since he was young, Steve nurtured a love for writing, but he also felt a need to serve the public as a front-line first responder. His fondness for storytelling never wavered over the years, however, and he now cultivates his three and a half decades of experience in emergency response and tactical operations to write authentic and gripping stories that will thrill readers.


Steve and his wife Lynne love traveling on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle across North America, especially through the Rocky Mountains and the American Southwest's always-changing landscapes.


They have two grown children and have had several dogs over the years, including Steve’s former search and rescue dogs, K9 Timber and K9 Radar.

Steve is represented by John Talbot of the Talbot-Fortune Agency (see Contact page).

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Alex Martel Series

Genre: Thriller

FBI Special Agent Alexandra (Alex) Martel is on loan to Interpol and based in The Hague, Netherlands.


Alex isn’t your typical investigator—she is a highly skilled and decorated former military and covert operations sniper. Charming and disarming, sassy and smart, relentless and lethal, Alex has special skills that see her assigned to high-profile cases—the kind of cases where failure has global consequences.


But sometimes success also comes at a price.

Stay tuned to find out when this series will be published.

Alex Martel Series.jpg
Steve – A visual history, of sorts
EMAT Exercise
EMAT Exercise
EMAT Exercise
Steve and OPP colleagues
Steve in Ottawa.
Explosive Ordnance Training
Steve Urszenyi
Steve with C8 CQB
Steve Urszenyi during G8/G20 Economic Summit
Steve in front of his ERU
Steve and his Harley-Davidson
Steve & K9 Radar
Steve & K9 Radar
Steve in Key West
Oysters in Naples, Florida